5 Ways to extend your outdoor trading through the early autumn

19th October 2017

1) Shelter
Creation of outdoor “garden rooms” is hailed as a success by John Hooker at the Cornish Arms and Brian Keeley-Whiting at pub co Whiting & Hammond. Read their article published by the Morning Advertiser at where John reports a 15% increase in winter trade as a result of the new garden! Amazing!

2) Heaters
Customers are always drawn to a source of heat during the chilly autumn. Woodberry now offer a small range of heaters, both gas and electric. Infra-red electric heaters are generally much more power-efficient but do require a power supply so be careful not to leave trailing wires around your garden.

3) Lighting
Look after the safety and comfort of your customers by ensuring that your outside area has sufficient lighting. If you outdoor area is large then this can be costly, so in this case, ensure that there is an area of well-lit space with adequate seating. There’s some great tips at

4) Blankets
Woodberry have recently discovered that making blankets available to your customers is a cost-effective way to improve the comfort of those that choose to go outside. It’s best to have them available in an outdoor storage box that’s easily accessible to your customers, but keeps them clean and dry.

5) Keep it tidy
Finally, one of the essentials in Autumn is an occasional sweep-up of leaves and a regular check for litter. This is important because littered or leafy areas will often attract vermin and other pests, which in turn leave smells and muck around.

We'd love to hear your comments and feedback!

Howard Barr, Marketing Manager, Woodberry

5 ways for Universities & Colleges to optimize their outdoor spaces to attract talent

26th September 2017

1) Provide a varied learning environment
Consider outdoor benches and tables to give students the opportunity to learn outdoors. Think about providing social spaces as well as quiet rest areas, where students can choose to network easily with others, or work on their own.

2) Keep it smart and litter free
This is essential to maintain your image. Good quality furniture and easy-to-empty litter bins help to keep your outdoor areas smart and free from litter.

3) Radiate quality
Match the quality of your outdoors with the quality of your organisation. This is especially important when attracting new students and talent, as first impressions make a positive impact.

4) Provide for technology
Here’s a question: how do you incorporate technology into your outdoor space? As an innovative outdoor furniture specialist we’re on the lookout for products that will benefit our clients. Check out the smart soofa bench or alternatively, consider some outdoor power supply points to make charging easy.

5) Signpost well
Don’t let new talent get lost in your grounds. Consider if you have adequate signage in your grounds to make getting around easy for your students. Woodberry love the range that Harris Signs offers for Universities and Colleges.

We'd love to hear your comments and feedback!

Howard Barr, Marketing Manager, Woodberry

Why does having more plants in your outdoor space help?

- Concentration and Memory. Being around plants helps people concentrate better. Studies show that tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result. Moreover, being outside in a natural environment can improve memory performance and attention span by twenty percent!
- Flowers Generate Happiness. Having flowers around greatly improves people’s moods and reduces the likelihood of stress-related depression. Flowers and ornamental plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed.
- Improves Relationships/Compassion. Research shows that people who spend extended lengths of time around plants tend to have better relationships with others. This is due to measurable increases in feelings of compassion; another effect of exposure to ornamental plants.
- Improved Human Performance/Energy. Spending time in natural environments makes people better at doing their jobs. It also increases energy levels and feelings of vitality
- Learning. Research shows that children who spend time around plants learn better. In addition, being around natural environments improves the ability of children with Attention Deficit Disorder to focus, concentrate, and engage more with their surrounding environment.
- Mental Health. Studies have proven that people who spend more time outside in nature have better mental health and a more positive outlook on life.
- Perceived Quality of Life. People associate beautifully landscaped areas with a higher quality of life. This is important in attracting businesses and sustaining growth in the community.

Taken from: Ellison Chair in International Floriculture: Health and well-being benefits of plants

We’d love to hear your comments!

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Outdoor Furniture for a City Center Location - September 2017

Properties with outdoor commercial space, situated in a built up city centre are seldom blessed with an abundance of square footage. But still, these properties are notoriously busy outdoors, particularly in the evening when day workers make a stop for a well deserved beverage with co-workers or grab a cheeky bite to eat with a friend. It is therefore a good idea to be fully prepared and ensure accessories and furniture are both easily available. There is nothing worse for a customer to be in a crowded environment and unable to find exactly what they need.

Making sure your outdoor space has adequate waste bins that are regularly emptied will help ensure your customers dispose of their waste in the correct manner. And not just carelessly discard it on to the floor where it could become a safety hazard.

Our brightly coloured Park Litter bins are a perfect choice for densely populated spaces. The primary colours of these tall, slim and space friendly units stand out amongst the muted tones of furniture, making them easy to find. These bins are also really useful to use to collect recycled glass bottles and cans. The bins can be lined with plastic bin liners for ease of disposal and will hold 40ltrs of waste. Just remember to put a clear sign up so your customers know which bin to use.

Wifi is a service that nobody seems capable of living without. And offering a free reliable service to your customers is sure to prolong their stay at your venue, as they are able to check football results or respond to that last minute client email.

Our Large Chalk A-Board are simply perfect to advertise your offers, particularly anything that is Free, such as Wifi. Customers always like to feel they are benefiting from a free service! The boards are also available in other sizes if you would like a smaller version and are produced from special exterior grade board, making them hard-wearing for outdoor use. Pairing the chalk boards with a swatch of our vibrant liquid chalk markers, really is an excellent way of clearly voicing your message.

Sadly, Summer is drawing to a close and the nights are slowly getting darker with a definite nip of autumn in the air. To encourage your customers to continue enjoying your beautiful outdoor commercial space, as the temperatures change. Why not invest in an outdoor heater? The units heat up really quickly and give off a lovely feeling of warmth and comfort as your customers enjoy your venue experience.

Our Pyramid Gas Patio Heater makes a handsome compliment to your outdoor space. Tall and slender with wheels for ease of movement, this unit is sure to be a crowd puller, a place where everyone wants to stand near, as they chatter away the evening in the cooling night air.

Outdoor areas that are short of space are sure to benefit from our Barrel Poseur Tables. These quirky fixtures are actually genuine old barrels that are often made out of oak. The barrels are fitted with a functional Woodberry top, offering a good flat surface which is easy to clean and maintain. These eye catching pieces of furniture make the ideal resting area for customers to park their drinks, nibbles and gather round for idle chatter.

Do you have a city location property? We would love to hear from you with any ideas that you have introduced to help maximize your outdoor space and ensure your customers keep returning.


Teak Oil: beware!

Teak Oil, when used wrongly, can promote the formation of mould and mildew on your furniture, rather than prevent it …
It could be the use of Teak Oil that leads to your teak garden furniture looking very patchy and mottled. Mould and mildew on Teak Wood can be made worse with teak oil, as dark spots on Teak Wood are the build-up of mould and mildew.
Although teak is renowned for ageing gracefully due to the natural presence of protective oils it is still susceptible to mould and mildew growth, particularly when humid conditions are prevalent. This will create darker areas on the wood that need to be dealt with to allow the wood to reach the beautiful, silver-grey patina generally associated with aged teak.

The cleaning process we recommend is far simpler and much quicker than trying to use Teak Oil …
And it works. Simply follow the Easy Steps outlined below …

Woodberry Recommends …

Take our advice to ensure your outdoor space remains as beautiful as it should, and not mould and mildew infested!
And most importantly, be cautious of the numerous companies out there promoting teak oil!

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Quirky Outdoor Furniture Trends To Make Your Venue Stand Out

21st August 2017

As one of the UK’s most prolific manufacturers of commercial furniture and accessories to pubs, golf courses, restaurants and parks, Woodberry love to stay up to date with the latest outdoor furniture trends. We are always keeping a close eye out for furniture and accessories that can further enhance an outdoor space and create an exceptional and memorable customer experience. The idea of furniture innovations taking an object and morphing it into something that wouldn't necessarily fall into the category of furniture and accessories, never fails to disappoint us, season after season.

Colourful, oversized, quirky, fun and totally instagramable is how we describe the latest pieces that have caught our eye this season. Making a bold summer statement to your outdoor areas and prolonging, that wonderful holiday mood.

Oversized Deckchairs

These work really well as an ornamental welcome near the entrance of your property, perhaps to advertise a special ‘summer promotion.’ They are also ideal to use as a prop for customers to have their photo taken alongside. Visitors of all ages are sure to be mesmorised at just how small they feel and look against the backdrop of these monstrosities.

Giant Deckchairs, based in Exeter, retail oversized chairs, available in traditional boldly printed stripes of primary colour. They also offer a branding service to help you promote your marketing message.

Inflatable Toys

No longer restricted to the beach and swimming pools, it is now on-trend to use inflatables on dry land. These beautifully decorated and coloured objects make ideal, additional seating for the ‘little people’ who visit your outdoor space. Inflatables are a quick win to add a summer vibe of comfort for children. This season it is all about fabulous flamingos and illusory unicorns.  Instafloat, located in Essex, have a really fine selection of inflatables in various sizes and designs.

Innovative Accessories

Statement pieces of quirky furniture and accessories that compliment your standard fixtures are a wonderful way of making your outdoor space stand out to customers. In an age where a customer experience is also judged on how authentic the venue will look in photographs, this is an important point to consider. According to a report published by Hootsuite, in November 2016, Instagram users shared an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.

Again, oversized accessories are very popular this season, items that have been designed with purpose but keep their original shape and look.

We are obsessed with these perfectly formed Champagne Cork Tables available from Decorelo. A perfect accessory to a themed night of ‘champagne and caviar’ perhaps? Produced in Portuguese cork and crafted to be one hundred and ten times the size of a regular champagne cork. These are going to be a sure winner for capturing Instagram moment and thus by the powers of social media, helping to market your establishment

Pop Ups

Very much a marketing buzzword, ‘Pop Up.’ The idea of a temporary seasonal service offering. An object added to your commercial outdoor space for your customers to enjoy throughout the summer. We love the idea of a Tiki Hawaiian Bar, a beautiful, brightly decorated raffia shelter, adorned with floral garlands for you to serve cocktails from. Depending on the size of your outdoor area, it would be quite easy to erect several of these pop ups. A great way to take the pressure off your indoor bar area and allow everybody to enjoy an outstanding alfresco experience.
Party Delights, based in Manchester, sell bar huts and accessories to help you create you own little Hawaiian haven.

Don't forget to check out our vast range of accessories to complete your outdoor space, from brightly coloured litter bins, brass etched table number disks to our iconic Woodberry Brown re-treatment fluid.

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Our Top Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Event

11th August 2017

Organising an outdoor event requires an element of theatre to ensure everything runs smoothly. With careful co-ordination, your commercial outdoor space can be transformed into a magnificent stage allowing your venue to pull all the stops out and put on a host of entertaining and memorable events, season after season.

Live Music

Whilst background music is very mood evoking there is nothing quite like the sounds of live music. Having a band pumping out genres of tunes, loved by the old and younger generation of clients is a sure way to get people tapping their toes. And the children showing off their latest dance moves. Hosting local bands and musicians at your venue is an excellent form of marketing, advertising on your social media channels is likely to draw in new clients, particularly if it is a local band they happen to follow and are keen to see them perform.


This is a great way to draw a crowd to your outdoor space. Setting up a designated al fresco bar area, where your mixologist can concoct a delectable potion of alcoholic heaven, under the watchful and keen eyes of your thirsty customers. Cocktail making requires skill and it is highly satisfying to watch an expert work their magic. Choosing a mini menu of drinks with specially chosen names to represent your business or the theme of your event / evening, will ensure you don't run out of ingredients and keep things simple in terms of planning.

Bouncy Castles

A firm family favourite that never looses its charm is the humble bouncy castle. Enjoyed by children and adults alike, these inflatable structures will ensure your customers are reaching for the skies as they bounce to their hearts content.
P&J Entertainment, based in London have a staggering selection of stylized bouncy castles to suit all sizes of your commercial space and are suitable for children and adults.

Things That Glow

There is something rather mesmorising about anything that glows in the dark. Children, of all ages are always attracted to the brightly coloured fluorescent sticks when they magically and very unexpectedly light up, once it begins to get dark.
Simple additions to your evening including florescent arm bands and glow sticks will add a lovely element of fun for the younger customers who visit your outdoor space. Glow Sticks, a Yorkshire based company have a full compliment of novelties that light up in the dark. Their range includes, necklaces, bracelets, head ware and hats.

Themed Evenings : Paella Fiesta

Everybody loves the experience of a summer themed evening, a chance to get dressed up in theme inspired clothes to enjoy an extra special night out. So why not add a twist to your events by organizing a themed night. During the sultry summer evenings, themes such as a Paella Fiesta, are a fun way for people to continue to enjoy the gorgeous summer evenings and soak up an environment inspired by summer holidays. Waiters serving pitchers of Sangria cocktails whilst wearing brightly coloured sombreros are the perfect way to get things started. Menus of mouthwatering montaditos and delicious paellas will satisfy your customers and have them asking for more!

Woodbury’s love this tasty paella recipe by the renowned chef and author, Jamie Oliver.

Why not hold a competition for the most outrageous shirt / blouse, the winner to receive a free dining voucher. These type of evenings are a great way to market your business via social media and encourage new customers to visit. Everybody loves a competition, and customers simply love the thought of winning a prize.

If you are in need of any additional outdoor furniture to ensure your customers are well catered for, then take a look at our marvelous selection of furniture, some of which are currently on sale at a specially discounted rate.

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Woodberry’s top ideas to ensure customers are knocking at the door each day

9th August 2017

Now that we are well and truly in summer mode, it is time to start thinking about more innovative ways to market your establishment to ensure you get maximum exposure and visits.

Social Media

Using social media platforms such as Facebook are a sure winner to increase your market presence. Statista reported 1.94 billion monthly active users during the first quarter of 2017.

Adding a promotion code that is unique to Facebook will encourage followers to like and share your content, thus helping you gain more followers and in time, customers. Featuring offers such as discount codes will encourage consumers to visit your business page more frequently in anticipation of more special offers.


This innovative social media app made up of videos and pictures has over 700 million users. It is a very en-trend pass time to take photos of your meals and drinks and upload them to Instagram. This is actually a powerful marketing technique as it is reliant on customers promoting to future/ potential customers.

A customer who has enjoyed a particular delicacy and shared it with their Instagram followers has just marketed your venue, without even giving it much thought. Using appropriate hashtags will allow potential customers to track down your pub or restaurant, just by seeing someone else’s pictures. As a company, Instagram is a very powerful marketing tool, and can be used to capture customers at specific times in the day. For example, adding picture of your daily brunch / lunch specials earlier in the day, is a good way to lure local customers who are pondering where to meet up with friends. A perfect visual will whet the palate and is likely to result in a follow through to sample your service offerings.

Loyalty Cards

Customers love the idea of getting something for nothing, and a points system on a loyalty card is a great incentive to encourage spend. A card that when complete with 8 stamps, equating to 8 purchases of food or drink can be redeemed for a free meal; is an ideal way to reward a customer for their brand loyalty.

Themed Days / Evenings

Arranging ‘special’ days in line with seasonal events is a lovely way to encourage customers to visit your property. For example, during Wimbledon, which has recently taken place, why not have a screen set up to watch the tennis, whilst enjoying a decadent pitcher of pimms, with scrumptious strawberries and cream. Customers especially enjoy being part of a much bigger experience, but at a more and informal local venue.

Business Card Raffle

An ornate fish bowl, strategically placed on the bar counter of your establishment, offering a free meal or bottle of wine for the owner of the lucky business card, chosen at random each month. This is a very easy way to gather contact details on your customers to use in future e-marketing and newsletters. Newsletters are a brilliant way to keep your customers updated on your latest marketing incentives.

Local Media Presence

Contacting local business publications or blog writers, with the offer of a free customer experience of lunch or dinner at your property, in return for a written feature. This is the perfect way to increase your customer base and get people talking, checking out your website and menus and visiting your eatery.

Accessible Menu

In the digital age that we live in, it is very common for potential customers to check out the menu of a pub or restaurant before making a decision on where to dine. It is therefore, of the highest importance to ensure that your most up to date menus are available on line in a good, clear format. A menu that is easy to read on a laptop, tablet and mobile is going to be a definite winner. Always remember to update your online menu when your menu options change.

Now that you have digested our ideas for marketing your properties, don't forget to check out all of our high quality furniture and accessories to help further enhance a pleasurable customer experience for your clientele, both present and future.

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Keeping children entertained in your pub garden this summer!

According to a consumer insight report carried out by Carlsberg UK, 2015/2016, 33% of adults visit a pub, with their children each month.

During the glorious summer weather and as we approach the school holiday season, families spend more of their time frequenting the inviting commercial outdoor space, available at public houses and retaurants. It is therefore crucial that you offer an enjoyable customer experience, not only for the paying adults, but also for the ‘little people’ who visit. Creating an environment where the children can play safely and be entertained, allowing adults, that much needed ‘me time’ will ensure families return, month after month.

Here at Woodberry we have compiled a list of our favourite ideas to entertain children outdoors.

Face Painting

This is a fun and colourful way for children to allow their imagination to run wild as they take on the persona of the character they have been decorated as. Parents also enjoy releasing their inner child by having their faces made up. We love the face painting kits available at Snazaroo and they also have some pretty amazing, ‘how to guides’ for painting everything from princesses to pirates.

Note, it is advisable to check with the parents, that their children have no skin allergies or infection before you start face painting.

Balloon Modeling

There cannot be many children who are not utterly mesmerized by the skill of balloon modeling; who couldnt resist a brightly coloured latex flamingo? This is actually a very easy skill to learn, and can offer hours of fun as children watch with fascination at how their little animals are created. And then use their imagination to play with their newly made ‘pet.’Balloon modeling kits are readily available and contain everything you need to start this activity.

Fire Toys, a Brighton based company have the most superb balloon kits, that include instructions on how to make balloon models.


There is no greater pleasure to a child than receiving a gift whilst enjoying a leisure experience with the family. Branded giveaways are also the ideal way to remind people of who you are, long after they have left your property.

The traditional yoyo, available in an array of primary colours can keep a child’s attention for a long time, as they become more and more determined to master the skill of precisely how to yoyo. These promotional yoyos available from AMT Marketing, are a really good choice, available in a selection of finishes and offer name or logo print options. Also available from AMT Marketing is another children’s classic, the bubble blower. Children can spend hours, trying to blow the biggest bubble imaginable, then squealing with excitement as it floats off into the sky. Again, these items are available with logo print options, allowing you to promote your brand.

Whilst we think about it, have you checked out our beautiful range of ‘A-Frame’ tables? The standard 6 seater table, is a traditional design and a very popular choice in family friendly pub gardens, offering plenty of room to manoeuvre around

Do you have any ideas for entertaining children when they visit your premises. If so, we would love to hear from you and see your pictures.

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Up On The Roof – Outdoor event trends

An alfresco customer experience is a luxury to indulge in, all season round. And it certainly doesn't have to be limited to ground level outdoor commercial space.

International influencers are showing a surge in the number of venues who are innovating their rooftop spaces and literally taking their outdoor experiences to a whole new level. Roof top outdoor space can be very enticing and can create a completely different experience for the consumer. A property located in the heart of a city could offer the most breath taking backdrop of lights, landscape and architecture. Creating a perfect photo opportunity and allowing visitors to site a view that simply wouldn't be possible at ground level.

Kitting out your roof top commercial space with luxurious rattan furniture and beautifully coordinated cushions and throws, together with ambient lighting will ensure you delight your customer and make them want to visit your establishment all year round.

Woodberry’s have an extensive selection of hospitality furniture, specifically designed for use in restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs.

Making use of roof top outdoor space is very on trend particularly within the building industry. Where we are seeing an increase in the number of sky high apartment blocks being designed with vast areas of green space to mimic a garden type environment.
The Gasholder development in Kings Cross, London has the most beautiful roof top garden, designed by Dan Pearson, winner of the Best Show Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2015.

Major retailers are also jumping on the band wagon, utilsing their roof top space to enable them to play host to seasonal events and activities. The roof garden at John Lewis on Oxford Street even has a dedicated webpage. This venue offers a variety of events from April to September, ranging from private alfresco dining to early morning exercise classes and health and well-being experiences.

Here at Woodberry, we have enjoyed reviewing this article, detailing the leading roof top venues across the UK. Have you visited any of them?   

It really is the perfect time to think outside the box and consider ways to utilize your roof top havens.

If you have recently converted your roof top into an extension of your commercial outdoor space, we would love to hear from you.

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Small can be beautiful

Embracing your commercial outdoor space and exactly what you have to work with is key to creating an inviting customer experience. Depending on the nature and age of your property, you might not be blessed with acres of patio and terrace space.

Considering the size and type of furniture and accessories you would like to house outdoors is of the upmost of importance. There is nothing worse than tripping into tables and chairs that are too clumsy for a neat little, leafy courtyard. Family establishments in particularly need to be mindful of young children rushing around and bumping into objects.  Larger fixtures will also give the illusion of an even smaller commercial space. The key is choosing pieces that enhance your outdoor customer journey and create the feeling of a greater space. Remember you want people to return time after time.

For smaller courtyards, a popular choice is furniture pieces that can easily fold or stack away, making it a breeze to transform your space for events where you may need to serve a buffet or if the space is just used during the spring and summer season.

Woodberry’s Florence range, manufactured from durable teak with wrought iron folding frames are a very popular investment for establishments who are limited to space. The furniture is light weight and can be moved around with the minimum effort. The folding feature of this furniture means ease of storage in a much smaller space than if the furniture remained erect.

Furniture that is shackled to the ground is another fashionable option for a smaller outdoor space. With the furniture securely fixed in place, chairs will never be left in an area that they don't belong in. This also means that your establishment can fully utilize all of your outdoor floor space. Pretty additions of accessories such as flower planters can be set up without the worry of running out of space for your customers to safely move around.

Woodberry’s Gabion furniture sets produced from fine redwood timber are at the pinnacle of innovation, featuring welded mesh cages that can be filled with rocks, pebbles or logs of your choice to match and further enhance your visitor space.
The furniture can be securely fixed down, although when the cages are fully laden, they will be too heavy to move.

The Woodberry Chunky Trough Flower Planter makes the perfect accompaniment to finish off your space. These smart, made to order planters, produced in matching timber are ideal for smaller spaces as they can be manually adjusted to fit your chosen area.

It's the little touches to your outdoor space that can make all the difference. Bringing an element of the indoors, outside is a really nice touch and what better way than to display food or drink specials on a traditional chalk board.
Customers don't like to think that they are missing out on what is gong on indoors and this is the perfect way to update them.

Woodberry Chalk-A-Boards and our colourful swatch of rich chalk markers create an informative and easy means of visual communication with your customers, making them feel they are part of the greater indoor scene.

5 cool ideas for impressing your customers in periods of hot weather

Want to stand out from the competition? Here’s 5 ideas on how to do this when the sun is beating:

1. Get your customers excited with summer specials
People love to buy something that’s particularly special for the occasion, whether it be food or drink.

2. Water for thirsty pups
If you’re a pet-friendly place, make sure you’ve got water bowls around and topped up for those thirsty pups.

3. Free sun cream, bug spray and citronella candles
Help to protect your customers and their kids from the sun, as well as from mosquitoes and other irritating bugs.

4. Misting system or oscillating fans
Keep your customers cool with a misting system or fans, to make them more comfortable and stay longer.

5. Parasols and shading
Last but not least, ensure you have ample shaded outdoor space. This is critical for looking after families with toddlers, to save them getting sunburn or sunstroke.

Please feel free to send me feedback

Howard Barr


The importance of outdoor Storage

When you set up your commercial outdoor space with furniture and accessories you don't always consider how you will be storing these items and when this might need to be.  There are many reasons why you may need to store your furniture and accessories.

Changing around outdoor spaces to accommodate events such as weddings and parties may require additional fixtures to be erected such as marquees and will often result in a surplus of furniture that is simply not suited to the needs of a large event. Outdoor space is very often transformed and given a more indoor feel to it by the use of flooring and setting lights. For example, a charity ball will not be in need of benches that are much more suited to a family picnic. It is very important that any furniture and accessories that are not needed are stored safely and tidily during periods of non use.

Outdoor space is constantly on show and in permanent use by customers. An aesthetically pleasing customer experience should always be aimed for and will ensure visitors return and recommend the venue they have visited. Surplus furniture and supplies should ideally be stored so that they are not in the sight of customers. People are not going to enjoy looking at an untidy pile of parasols while they are attending a formal outside event. From a safety perspective, furniture that is in non use should never be left in areas where they might cause a hazard.

Ahead of your outdoor event it is very useful to carry out an audit of your outdoor furniture and accessories and identify exactly what is required versus what is not needed. This is a great way of ensuring no items remain unchecked and in an area of your commercial space that it does not belong to during your event.

During periods of scheduled cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor space there will be a need to safely store your furniture and accessories. Sandblasting patio areas in a pub garden to bring the stoneware back to its former glory will require a clear and hazard free area to work. To ensure the longevity of your furniture it is advisable to keep it away from debris that may cause damage to the wood.

Containers that are weather proof in muted colours are always a great choice for outdoor storage. You don't want to draw attention to any piece of furniture that is simply serving purpose as a repository. Something that is durable and easy to maintain will be long lasting and a good investment to safely store your outdoor accessories during times when it is not needed. We recommend the use of large industrial sized storage units that are collapsible making them easy to store when they are not needed.

We really like the current range online at The Garden Store  a Surrey based company who specialize in storage space units.

For more information on our extensive range of commercial outdoor furniture and accessories please contact

The importance of protecting your furniture investment from the elements

Outdoor furniture is very much an investment and often a sizeable one for commercial companies that house large volumes of fitments and fixtures for the likes of pubs, parks, golf clubs and hotels.

Whilst Woodbury products are designed and built to withstand heavy, regular use in the commercial and public environment, it is important to maintain and protect them from the many varying weather elements they will be exposed to. Don’t forget, the image of your establishment is as important on the outside as it is on the inside; it could be the first view people have you and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Daily review of the weather and being aware of any extreme weather conditions can ensure you are ahead of the game and allow you to plan for how you will need to protect your furniture and outdoor accessories.

The level of protection will be dictated to by the seasonal time of year and the type of weather. During the summer months, the days are longer and this means furniture is used for a much greater length of time with a large number of visits from customers. The suns UV radiation is at full strength during the summer season and will cause prolonged damage to wooden items that are fully exposed. It is therefore, important that each piece of your furniture is cared for to the highest level to ensure longevity and also to create a pleasing and hopefully a repeat experience for the customer. No one is going to want to sit on a rusty and rickety park bench, or at a faded table.

During times of high winds, it may be appropriate for your commercial furniture to be shackled down to ensure it does not blow around and become damaged or risk injuring those who frequent your public space. Our ground fixing kits are a very useful addition to your furniture and are available for hard ground, soft ground and with a root fix.

Parasols are notably absent on days of high wind! They need to be protected and securely tied back to ensure they do not bend and buckle in the wind. Parasols in particular can become hazardous during times of high wind if they work loose from the base unit they fix in to.

We have a selection of concrete and timber parasol bases in a choice of weights. We also have some parasol base brackets to securely hold the parasol in place without the need for a base. These are ideal for those concerned about restricted under table leg room, whilst seated at the furniture.

There are many things you can do to keep your outdoor space looking fresh and rejuvenated. We have an extensive range of accessories to help you make the right choice to protect your furniture.

Our Re-Treatment kits are very popular and contain all that you will need to look after your furniture, including a pair of plastic gloves and protective googles to protect yourself from the product. The treatment fluid is the exact product that we use in the factory to treat the furniture during production process. It is white spirit based and available in our unique Woodberry Brown shade. This product should be administered on an annual basis, to any flat, exposed surfaces, this includes table tops, seats and benches. It is less important to treat the legs and underneath as they are not directly exposed to weather conditions.

For furniture that is only used at certain times of year, it is worth investing in some tarpaulin, specially designed to protect outdoor furniture. These industrial covers are designed using the highest quality canvas featuring both water and UV protection. This long lasting product is available in a range of sizes with eyelet punches for rope insertions to ensure they can be tightly fastened. The tarpaulin comes in a variety of green and tan shades. We like the current selection available at UK Tarps, a Middlesex based company specializing in all types of commercial tarpaulin.

For more information on our extensive range of commercial outdoor furniture and accessories please contact

Upcycled & Recycled Furniture - Ideas on how to use and follow the latest trend

Every day we are hearing more about how we need to look after our planet and reduce the amount of waste we generate. As a nation we are all much more aware of the longevity of items we purchase, recycling and reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainability is essential in every commercial organisation and here at Woodberry’s we encourage the use of upcycled and recycled furniture wherever possible. Well designed and durable items mean it is much easier to upcycle furniture. Some of our products are manufactured from high quality recycled plastic material. This range is part of Woodberry’s Greendine and includes benches, planters, tables and waste bins.

 Upcycling is the process of taking an item that is old, often damaged and depleted and turning it into something attractive and useable.

Some people actually turn this into a very enjoyable hobby keeping a look out for tired and worn out objects that could be rejuvenated and given a new lease of life in outdoor spaces. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and this has never been more true when it comes to upcycling. Upcycling is a growing trade with a lot of local charities jumping on the bandwagon to offer items for sale that have been reconditioned and decorated to a very high standard. It is often almost impossible to tell an upcycled piece of furniture from that of a newly crafted piece. With a little patience and some tender love and care it is very easy to create an object of beauty out of something that once looked rather tired and ordinary.

 We are really enjoying the latest trends in outdoor furniture, the amazing summer hews of sea greens and blues featured on a lot of the rattan furniture this season, are very attractive around patio areas. These colours can easily be incorporated into an upcycling project. Adding a pop of colour to a tired set of furniture can bring it back to life and give it a lovely relaxed summer feel.

Rattan furniture made from natural wicker is a notably popular choice of commercial furniture and can easily be spray painted.  Firstly, you must clean the pieces with warm soapy water and a soft cloth to ensure you remove any debris and dead insects. Secondly, you must put a coat of primer on, this will help even out any scuffs to the wicker and will mean you need to use less paint. Thirdly, you should spray several light coats of paint. It is vital that the furniture is sprayed lightly to give an even finish and a quicker drying time. Remember to make sure you let each coat dry before applying the next one. How many coats needed will depend on the desired colour, usually three coats will be plenty.

Commercial outdoor spaces always look complete with the decoration of gorgeous ornate wooden troughs and planters. Loaded with seasonal summer flowering geraniums, fuscias and lobelia. These pieces are also very easy and quick to upcycle and can give a completely different feel to your outdoor space. The much darker rustic colours of autumn and winter and the contrasting shades symbolic of spring and summer. We are really enjoying the trend on wood paints in honeysuckle pinks and vibrant shades of marine blues and African violets this year. 

Firstly, you will need to sand the planter down to remove any surface imperfections. Secondly you will need to use a large brush to remove any debris and dead insects. Thirdly, sealing the wood with a coat of primer will ensure your paint soaks evenly into the furniture. Once you have lightly sanded your planter to ensure a smooth surface you are ready to paint. The number of coats you need to apply will be dependent on your colour choice.

 If you have upcycled any garden furniture we would love to hear from you. Or for more information on our extensive range of commercial outdoor furniture and accessories please contact

The importance of the FSC® Accreditation

What is The FSC®?

The FSC®, known as The Forest Stewardship Council is a world-wide non profit company based in Germany, operating across in excess of 100 markets with the aim of promoting the safe management of the world’s forestation, the precious and often rare wild life and the people who reside there; together with the safety of all local forest workers. At present over 190 million hectares (Mha) of Forest land are certified FSC®, spanning across 80 countries.
In the UK, the FSC® has its own division in Wales, which is operated independently of FSC® International and registered as a non-profit charity.
The FSC® UK offers industry standard certification in forestry management and a diverse multitude of service offerings to help members and their organisations further develop their understanding and knowledge of FSC®. Services range from advice and support on standards, marketing support and communications, access to a press and photography portfolio, on and offsite training and production of customer case studies.

The FSC® Philosophy

The FSC® works in accordance with a specific set of rules aligned to the correct management of each and every FSC® certified forest:

1 To comply with legal regulations, treaties and agreements.
2 To define, record and legally establish tenure and user rights.
3 To ensure local people have rights, including ownership, land and supplies.
4 To ensure the ongoing welfare of communities and Municipal rights of workforce.
5 To ensure cost effective, community and social forest benefits.
6 To ensure maintenance of ecosystems, including biodiversity, supplies and forestry land.
7 To have an Organisation Plan in place that is both monitored and recorded.
8 To observe and evaluate growth around management objectives.
9 To upkeep or increase high conservation areas of forest.
10 To design and administer areas of cultivated forest landscape in line with the Principles and Criteria of FSC®.

Why Is the FSC® Important

The FSC®’s iconic logo, featuring a prominent tick morphing into a majestic forest tree, is the consumers’ assurance that any items produced, including pencils, paintbrushes, tools, furniture, storage units and paper featuring this symbol have been manufactured to the highest standard and with the least disruption to the products forest of origin. It also means the landscape will continue to thrive for centuries to come and the local people who are harvesting the wood are supported and rewarded in a fair and safe environment.
The FSC® certification is the only charter across the globe that is supported by both Greenpeace and WWF, thus setting a target for all forestry companies.

Here at Woodberry we acknowledge the importance of good quality timber, sourced and traded in an ethical and honest way. We want to ensure that our customers always have access to the highest quality timber products.
Many of our catalogue products are FSC® Certified (FSC-C115839) and are produced in

accordance with FSC® rules and regulations. Just look for the FSC® logo in the product

description box. Or if you have seen a particular product and you would like to order it in

FSC® Certified materials, then feel free to get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Family Friendly Pub Gardens & Furniture

With the warmer weather approaching (fingers crossed!) many families will spend more quality time, meeting, eating and drinking together, this means they will be looking for appealing, well-presented outdoor spaces to get together and socialise in comfort.

Families are a key target market for many of our customers, they bring additional profits, they are very influential and vocal on social media, and they also tend to have longer dwell times. To help you benefit from this important customer group we have compiled some considerations when purchasing your outdoor family friendly furniture.

First of all, you must consider it as an investment. As highlighted above the right choice of furniture for you will increase covers, SPH and will encourage repeat visits. You may also need to consider a range which you can add to easily in the future if current budgets won’t allow you to purchase enough to cover your whole garden area.

Depending on your outside space there are many different options available to you. Here at Woodberry’s we offer large circular 6, 9 or 12 seaters or standard A-Frame tables which are perfect for outside dining. If space allows, outside seating booths with canopies are a great addition to any garden area. Safety is also a consideration, position your tables so that parents are able to keep watch over the little ones (if there are designated areas for children to play), this will ensure your customers feel comfortable and stay for longer.

High footfall venues should consider hard wearing, high quality options. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. We offer a number of beautiful looking ranges; our Teak collection, Atlantique or Palma ranges are attractive yet hard wearing or for an eye-catching alternative our Gabion sets are extremely sturdy, mesh welded cages filled with rocks.

We all know the British weather is so unpredictable so there are a number of things you can use to protect your customers from both the sun and the rain. Parasols offer value-for-money and quality and can protect from both the sunshine and those annoying showers. A Pergola can provide shade on a sunny day and can be brightened up with foliage.

Something a bit different
To enhance your Family Friendly Furniture and Outside area why not consider adding something a bit for your customers; a play area with play equipment, small animals (easy to care for like Chickens or Rabbits), a BBQ great for promoting Outside Dining, or Bean Bags for families to spend time relaxing together.

Is your pub garden Family Friendly? Do you have a unique way for families to dine together outside? If so we would love to hear from you.

5 Reasons why Teak is Top

Teak is a beautiful, closely grained hardwood used extensively to produce only the very best outdoor furniture. Here’s the 5 key reasons why teak is top:

1. Teak is naturally strong & resilient
Teak wood grows slowly causing it to be dense and closely grained and it’s natural oils prevent it becoming brittle. This means that the timber is strong, and performs well under years of heavy use.

2. Teak resists the weather like no other timber
Being full of natural oils, teak is brilliant at coping with harsh winters or scorching summers. Either way, its inherent oils stop it from absorbing water, so there’s no twisting or splitting.

3. Teak resists insect invasion
Again thanks to its inherent oils, teak performs well in deterring insects from invading the timber and causing it to break down.

4. Teak requires very little maintenance
Woodberry recommend that you purchase uncoated teak products and suggest that you allow it to age naturally over time. This causes the teak to slowly turn a silvery-grey colour. Many teak oils actually lead to the growth of mildew which looks unpleasant.

5. Teak is great-looking
There’s no disputing it; teak looks gorgeous. When it’s new, its golden hue is irresistible, but even when it starts to fade, the stately silver-grey colour still emits a quality appearance.

Please feel free to send me feedback

Howard Barr


3 Quick Steps to check your Outdoors are all set for Easter

With the outdoors warming up, it’s critical to make sure that your outdoor area is all set for the season, especially if you haven’t been out there for a little while.

1. Safety Comes First
a. Check for trip hazards such as trailing wires, uneven slabs or wet leaves – these can be a menace to elderly customers and cost you dearly if not attended to.
b. Ensure your outdoor equipment such as furniture hasn’t got any sharp or broken parts, where your customers’ could hurt themselves.

2. Look after customers’ needs
a. Check that, where possible, you’re looking after the disabled such as wheelchair access to your garden or access-friendly outdoor seating.
b. Cater for families with kids too – do you have an enclosed play area nearby with play equipment?
c. Signage – make sure your customers know how to get from the garden back to the bar, toilets or gaming area.

3. Cater to customers’ comfort
a. Consider those optional extras that improve the comfort of your customers such as shading or outdoor heaters.

I hope this helps; feel free to send me a note back.

Howard Barr


Handy Guide for Promoting your Pub, Restaurant or Café

Finding innovative ways to attract new customers and to keep old ones doesn’t need to be expensive! The simple ideas are often the most effective. The main thing you need to invest in of course is time. Here are some quick and simple ideas you can start implementing immediately to drive footfall and repeat custom at your venue.

1. Send out a member of staff to offer free samples to passers-by. It may entice people to pop in or could be a great way to gather feedback for new menu items
2. Keep an eye on the local competition – sign-up to receive their email newsletters, visit them, call them and see how your enquiry is dealt with. Check out their website for menu and pricing updates, all of which is valuable information and will ensure you remain both competitive, but also ahead of the game!
3. Look at ways in which you can offer promotions with other local businesses which have the same target customers as you
4. Create customer groups on social media – invite people to join and give them an incentive to invite their friends to join too. Let them be the first to know about exciting news such as new menus or up-coming events
5. Use videos on social media as they are a great way to give your brand a personality and introduce your team
6. Nominate your business (or get yourself nominated by someone else!) for an industry award. There is no better way to give your business some powerful PR and credibility
7. Pay attention to forgotten areas – the “shop front”, the car park, the toilets, the garden – are they all in immaculate condition? Does anything need fixing? Does your outdoor furniture need a refresh? Do they make a good impression?
8. Come up with an interesting story about your business for your local newspaper or magazine to print. Ensure you have an attention-grabbing headline!
9. Ensure your website is kept up to date – remove old news, old menus and keep it fresh and exciting
10. Ensure you are listed on all free printed and online local business directories
11. Encourage customers to leave reviews by inviting them to do so via feedback cards, email newsletters or on social media
12. Always ensure you thank customers for good feedback and address any negative feedback on public sites such as Google or Trip Advisor
13. Take every opportunity to capture customer details, particularly email addresses – so that you are able to contact them in the future. Collect via feedback cards handed out with receipts, via social media or at any events you may run
14. Keep staff happy and motivate by coming up with incentives for them for any up-selling they do
15. Staff training should always be top of the priority list-ensure they know about every dish on the menu and every promotion running. Impress your customers with only the best in customer service levels

Do you have any quick top tips for reaching out to new and current customers? If so we would love to hear all about them! Feel free to share!

 Charging My Phone From A Park Bench– Really?

Here at Woodberry we love innovation so imagine our delight when we heard about Soofa; the designers, innovators and creators of a solar panelled USB bench. Sounds a bit odd at first; why on earth would we need these fancy gadgets replacing the good old wooden bench?

The ‘Soofa’ is fitted with two USB ports, solar panels, and data collection technology making it far more than a standard bench. In fact, its inventors believe that it could well be the future and a driver for accessible renewable energy.

There is space for 3 people to sit and has a blend of modern and traditional appearance to fit in anywhere. Not only great for parks but we think they’d be brilliant at bus stops, shopping centres, campuses and wherever people tend to gather.

We are really excited about this product and think it’s a really progressive brainwave which benefits all of society. Being able to chill out in the park and recharging your own mindful state at the same time as recharging your phone battery is something that nobody will say is a bad idea.

Not Just For Charging

There is a lot more to Soofa than just re-charging. As well as having two USB charger points, the Soofa bench also:
• Has sensors to monitor environmental data such as noise pollution and air quality
• Gathers data to show how much renewable energy the Soofa is generating for the public
• Counts the number of daily visitors as well as the amount of people passing by
• Predicts the weather forecast for the next four hours

All this data can then be accessed by the authorities and public who are interested in the green credentials of the area. Authorities can finally see in real-time how people are using the spaces in their cities, neighbourhoods, or project areas. It brings benches into the internet era and provides detailed insights into space utilization.

In addition, imagine what the installation of these benches will do for the reputation of a city for embracing new technology and supporting the private development of analytical tools that benefit the public.

Any Draw Backs?

The only drawback we can see is that other companies sell solar-powered charging stations that include USB cables for various mobile devices. The Soofa bench, by comparison, has outlets but no cables, leaving people out of luck if they don't have a USB cable.

A cost benefit exercise will need to be carried out as while a standard city bench can cost from $2,000 (£1,500) and the Soofa models start at about $3,800 (£3,000) and go up with extra data-collection features.

Where Are These Soofas?

Currently hundreds of Soofa Benches have been installed in cities across more than 65 cities in the U.S. and Canada and in 5 countries; we’ve yet to find one in the UK but our beloved country may not be top of their list given the perception the British weather - 4 hours sunlight a day is required for the solar panels to work. We’re not really famed for basking in end to end sunshine!

The Future?

Being lovers of furniture and innovation, we believe that this is a really exciting development in design for 21st Century needs. Not only does it benefit the individual but it does provide data to help improve modern day living.

What do you think? Are smart benches the future of outdoor furniture?


So, You Want To Sell Coffee?

In the past 20 years, Britons have become coffee aficionados. Us Brits spend over £7bn in one year on coffee. Yes, the big boys like Costa, Starbucks and Café Nero control more than half the branded coffee market but there’s no reason that you can’t learn your craft and stamp your mark on the local market serving a quality cup. Almost four in ten coffee shops are from the non-specialist sector like pubs and retail outlets.
At Woodberry, we have worked with some leaders in hospitality who have successfully introduced a quality coffee offering or who run coffee shops and they have shared with us some great tips for selling a great cup of coffee.

1. Learn Your Craft
You’re not going to be able to fool the average coffee drinker.
"Britain is becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs. Coffee is becoming like wine – people want to learn how to taste it, where it's from, how it’s made," said Jeffrey Young, MD of the Allegra Group, which delivers insights and events for the food and drink market. "The thirst and the desire to have better quality coffee is growing."
However, while you may enjoy drinking exotic blends of coffee a great deal, that is not enough to sell coffee. You should become an expert. This requires reading the right books and doing your own research and testing. Making good coffee is a science, and your patrons will expect you to have that science locked down. Don’t jump in head first. Make sure you have the knowledge and ability to brew perfection.

2. Love What You Do
While knowing a lot about coffee and food is good, it may not be enough. You should also have a passion for it! If you can’t stand the smell and prefer a cup of Earl Grey or Camomile, you need to find someone else who does have the passion.

3. Obtain the Right Equipment
You can’t serve quality coffee without the right equipment. This should include things like a coffee roaster, espresso machine and grinder. While you don’t necessarily have to buy these new, they must work properly. If this is a totally new concept, depending on your food menu items, you may also want a flat top grill, Panini press or oven. However, don’t go over-budget. If it’s a coffee shop you’re running, then your kitchen and menu is not supposed to be as expansive as a full course restaurant.

4. Price Your Menu Items Strategically
Whether it is coffee or food, you need to do some maths to figure out exactly what you should be charging customers. First, figure out what the cost of all the ingredients are in a drink or dish. This total is the food cost for that item. However, only selling that item slightly above its food cost does not mean you will make a profit. You also have to consider the overhead. This is all the non-ingredient costs that are required to make that drink or dish. This includes things like electricity, rent and labour and of course, VAT. This very helpful article by Steve Bicknell will guide you through the complexities of VAT on hot/cold food and drink, take away or eat/drink in.  Divide the total overhead by the number of customers you expect to serve to get a better idea of what you need to charge to make a profit.
Also, don’t forget to have a look around at what your competitors are charging. You don’t necessarily have to be cheaper, your whole proposition could be about high quality coffee at fair prices.

5. Keep Your Menu Fresh
While it is easier to stick with what works, you should also make an attempt to keep the attention of your loyal customers. While you should have a core number of menu items that never change, you should also offer specials. Special blends and a sandwich of the day can do the trick. Also, consider seasonal items. During November, add coffees, lattés or frappes with ginger bread as a special menu item. During the summer, iced coffees are a great idea.

6. Choose Your Location Carefully
If you’re starting from scratch and opening a brand-new café, location can make or break a business. Make sure you find a location that will receive enough foot or car traffic to make investing in that space worth your time. Also, make sure you invest in space you can afford. A huge mortgage or ridiculously priced lease can put you into the red from the get go. Consider the fact that you could move to another location in the future if you do find success.

7. Don’t Ignore the Décor
While your drinks and food should be the centrepiece of your business, you should also give customers a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy them in. Try to create an inviting space that will become a destination for people on their lunch break. Be thoughtful with your interior design as well as your furniture. What does the exterior look like? One great choice for finding attractive and affordable furniture for a café or existing business expanding its external offering is Woodberry of Leamington Spa of course!

8. Scope-Out The Competition
We mentioned the competition earlier on; to be successful with your coffee proposition, you’re either going to need to fill a demand that isn’t being met or differentiate yourself from the competition. Check out similar cafés and coffee providers in your area. This should include small independent businesses as well as the big chains like Starbucks and Costa. See what you can learn. While you shouldn’t emulate your competition exactly, you should at least learn how to please the same customer base.

How child friendly is your pub?

The smoking ban in pubs seems such a distant memory now and following the years of change, pubs have become more food lead and certainly more family friendly. Pubs are a great destination for families to enjoy a drink and a meal over a catch up with family and friends. Yet so many pubs still seem to be ill-equipped when it comes to welcoming children and encouraging families to choose to visit their establishment over others in the local vicinity.
Happy children = happy parents and happy parents will not only visit you more often, and stay for longer, but they will also recommend your pub to others (particularly seeing as this is so easy nowadays with the likes of social media and Trip Advisor)! Now is a great time to review your facilities and make a few changes for the year ahead!
Families are a key target market – they bring additional profit, particularly during school holidays, weekends and Public holidays. Parents are quite a force to be reckoned with – they can make or break a reputation just like that! So it makes sense to look after them.

Let’s start with one of the most important reasons why a family might be visiting you:

Your Menu
Healthy eating has become more important than ever. With high profile chefs such as Jamie Oliver on a crusade to improve food standards in schools and other establishments, pubs need to take note and follow the revolution. Chicken nuggets and chips can stay on the menu but how about creating a more healthy homemade version of this childrens favourite? Adult meals can be portioned off for children to receive the same variety of food choice. Offer plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable options – if you have the space you could even grow some on your own premises. Give it a story through your menus, make eating at your pub different, fun and memorable for adults and children alike. With food allergies on the rise, Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options are also more important than ever, and allow a degree of flexibility too when it comes to swapping ingredients where possible. A final note – make it quick! Serve meals that can come out quickly as children don’t like to be kept waiting and the last thing you want is a family leaving due to an impatient child!

Entertainment within
As we all know only too well, children find it difficult to stay still for too long, so if you have the space, a fenced off/safe area within your venue for children to play with soft toys, games, read books or do some drawing would be a great option. Appeal to customers to bring in clean toys/complete jigsaws/good quality books they have finished with and use baskets/tubs/under seat storage to keep them out of the way from other customers once finished with. Keep a large stash of plain paper and colouring pencils to hand out on arrival. Stock up at the local Pound shop and sharpen pencils before every shift – a quick and easy way to keep children entertained during a meal. Board games in good condition are also a great idea, check out local charity shops or invest in a few of the popular ones families can play together. How about a pack of cards on each table?

Entertainment outside
Here at Woodberry, we have some great options for large family friendly furniture, whether its large garden tables with comfy benches, perfect for lunch, or table sets that can be put together for larger groups or parties, we have a variety of family friendly options to suit. In addition, and of course budget permitting, you could consider outdoor garden games such as Connect4 and Twister, climbing frames, slides and swings, tyres, climbing ropes and ball pools. A bouncy castle is a great investment, they come in all shapes and sizes and keep children entertained for hours!

Keep the teenagers happy
WiFi is a necessity these days, people expect free WiFi when they visit a pub or restaurant. How about offering to charge phones behind the bar for free?

Dedicated family areas
If you have room, a separate area for families is always welcome. Room for prams and buggies, comfy sofas and privacy for breastfeeding mums and bean bags for children would all go down well. A dedicated area for larger parties would also mean less disruption to the rest of your pub/dining area and a little more peace and quiet for other customers! And what about the family dog? Is he looked after with water and doggie treats?

What do staff really think?
You may profess to being a child friendly establishment, but does this truly come across with the staff and how they deal with families? Are staff well trained in how to best serve families with young children for example? Are staff welcoming and accommodating? How staff treat families will make all the difference when it comes to whether they will recommend you to others or indeed return in the future.

Don’t forget the loo’s!
If a pub claims to be family friendly, then you need to make sure your toilets are not only spotless, but also that baby changing facilities are clean and well stocked – baby wipes, cotton wool, hand sanitizer to hand will help tired mums and make a lasting impression.
So whether the changes you make are big or small, ensuring that families are welcome and children are well catered for, could make all the difference to both profits and reputation at your establishment. Do it right, make a lasting impression and you will ensure customers choose you over the pub down the road!

Do you welcome families at your pub? What works well, do you have any handy tips you can share with other pub owners? We would love to hear your feedback!


You Don’t Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

Christmas is almost upon us and one of the busiest times of the year for our friends and customers in leisure and hospitality.  But the service industry calendar never stops turning and come the New Year,  we will all be thinking about getting ready and spruced up for the lighter evenings and hopefully, sunnier times. 

Woodberry of Leamington Spa’s furniture can be seen in cafes, restaurants, stores, parks, holiday centres, sports venues and hotels. Getting the furniture right is essential in giving a professional yet welcoming impression to customers and guests. There are many points to consider before buying a new set of commercial outdoor furniture which include:


What will the furniture be used for? Will it be used many times a day, for example café chairs or a bench seat? Or will it be used only occasionally? It’s important to buy the right furniture for its purpose. Heavily used furniture such as café chairs need to be comfortable yet easy to move around and stack if necessary.


The styles and designs of commercial outdoor furniture vary and there are so many different styles to choose from. The style chosen should generally reflect the type of image or impression that you’re trying to create – timber furniture is warm, traditional, homely and welcoming, whereas aluminium furniture is sharp, modern and cutting edge. In any case, the style needs to suit the location and the impression that your business wants to give to customers. This brings us to the next point – users.


Who exactly will be using the commercial outdoor furniture? Will it be clients, customers, employees and employers, children, elderly adults? The furniture must be durable to withstand a lot of use and by different people. Furniture in public places must be as durable as possible as the likelihood of vandalism and damage is unfortunately high.


Commercial outdoor furniture is generally more hard wearing than home outdoor furniture, but not in every case. It’s a good idea to do some research on recommended materials for commercial outdoor furniture, as it presents two challenges: it’s exposed to the elements and it’s probably going to be used a lot so it needs to withstand wear and tear. Timber and aluminium are two popular and hard wearing materials used in commercial outdoor furniture. Many places buy furniture that have both these materials included in them – a timber seat or bench with an aluminium frame looks stylish and is durable.

Choosing your commercial outdoor furniture requires some research and time to get it right – don’t fall into the trap of buying the first things you see without considering the above points. First impressions last and the same is true for commercial outdoor furniture.

For all your outdoor furniture requirements, give us a call, we have been in the industry for 14 years and feel we are best placed to advise you on the right purchase for your business.

We look forward to hearing from you, in the meantime, we wish our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Picnic benches - when should I go for plastic and when should I go for wood?

Lots of pub owners face the challenge of selecting the outdoor furniture for their pub. With an ever increasing range of outdoor furniture available to choose from, the choosing ironically becomes the difficult part. Let’s explore the 2 options.

Firstly, recycled plastic
When you buy a recycled plastic picnic bench, you know secretly that you are doing your bit for the environment. I think the next most outstanding benefit of recycled plastic is that it requires no maintenance. Whereas timber generally needs re-treating occasionally, recycled plastic never does. This saves your staff time, giving them more time to do the important things. It lasts forever, too. In fact, some may argue it lasts too long – by the time you’ve had it 20 years, it’s really time to see some fresh new furniture don’t you think? Joking apart, you can realistically expect 15-20 years out of Woodberry’s recycled plastic furniture.

On the other hand, it’s not the most attractive looking furniture. If you’re looking for something quaintly exquisite, then it’s really not the right choice for you. It tends to be chunky, even ungainly, and it’s very heavy too. Great for where you don’t want it nicked, but not good if you need to move it regularly. Other minor considerations that one has picked up having been in this trade for a while, is that it gets hot in hot weather (esp if in black or brown colour) and it bows over time, unless it’s reinforced – this is something to watch out for when you are buying this kind of furniture.

Now let’s look at timber
Let’s presume when we say “timber” that we are referring to “good quality” timber picnic tables that you’re going to get a few years out of, not the cheapest of the cheap, which become firewood after a season’s use. Typically timber picnic tables are about a third the price of their recycled plastic equivalent – this saving is all-important for many pub owners who face constant waves of external factors driving their cash flow down. It makes sense for them to purchase a less costly product more regularly.

How long do they last?

As a guide, they last a third the length of time, so instead of 15-20 years for plastic, you’d expect 5-8 for good quality wood. As I said this does depend on the quality of the build, thickness, treatment etc. Then there is the maintenance to think about – we recommend as a guide that you re-treat the exposed top and seats annually to maintain their optimum appearance. This should be factored in as a cost. Can you afford time to do this? Timber offers more choice – if you are adding to your existing garden furniture you might like things to match. With more options out there in timber than recycled plastic you may find this task easier, although the choices in recycled plastic are growing.

Am I effectively harming the environment if I purchase a timber bench? No, unless you have reason to suspect that the supplier is acting unlawfully, then there is no need to worry. Timber picnic tables are most often made from a softwood such as pine or redwood, which is farmed completely sustainably. Look out for suppliers that are FSC® certified for your peace of mind.

To sum up
If you want a no-hassle, solid product that’s just going to sit there and do its job, year in, year out, and you can afford that bit extra, we recommend recycled plastic.

If you have a dynamic garden, where you’re often changing things round, then go for timber.

If you want to support the environment, but can’t afford recycled plastic, be assured that timber picnic tables are completely sustainable.

I hope this helps; feel free to send me a note back.

Howard Barr

Tips to help keep your outdoor area functioning over winter 18th Oct 2016

1) Ensure it’s well lit
Look after the safety and comfort of your customers by ensuring that your outside area has sufficient lighting. If you outdoor area is large then this can be costly, so in this case, ensure that there is an area of well-lit space with adequate seating.

2) Keep it clean and tidy
Littered areas will often attract vermin and other pests, which in turn leave smells and muck around. Simply avoid this with a regular check for litter, and an occasional sweep-up of leaves in which creatures like to nest!

3) Cut down the wind chill
Wind-chill can often be one of the biggest deterrents to the winter outdoors. Supplement your outdoor area with wind breaks or awnings to protect your customers from wind and rain.

4) Add an outdoor source of heat
Perhaps labelled as “an expensive option” providing heat outdoors is especially appreciated by smokers etc. Nowadays electric heaters are a much more efficient option than traditional gas heaters and safer too.

Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

New Product: Square Poseur and Bar Chairs Set 30th Aug 2016

Woodberry launch a new high dining set. The square poseur table with comfortable high bar chairs, great for pubs or hotels with smoking areas! For further details see the product HERE. Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

Top Tips on reviving your outdoor furniture 29th Apr 2016

1) Re-treat your table tops and seats
Protect and enhance your timber sets with a re-treat. Always check that you are using the right treatment first.

2) Replace your Parasol canopies
A great way to create a clean feel with limited expense. Get advice that the new canopy will fit your parasol before you buy.

3) Clean & gleam your teak furniture
Give your weathered teak a birthday with a wash. Jet washing works well on natural uncoated teak but avoid doing this on pre-oiled teak.

4) Jet wash your rattan furniture
Synthetic Rattan is perfect for easy washing. Do not jet wash natural rattan or indoor rattan products. Remove cushions beforehand.

5) Replace your chair cushions
Another way to create a fresh feel but make sure you buy the right size cushions.

6) Put a feature piece in
An eye-catching, unusual bench or table in prime location often works well to bring fresh life to your outdoor area.

7) Add some colour with flower planters
There’s nothing like a bit of colour to revive your outdoors. Choose planters that will fit without taking up too much valuable space.

8) Keep tidy with litter bins
Keep the litter to a minimum with some bins. Look for bins that will take a removable bin liner so the bin remains clean.

Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

New Product: 1.4m Recycled Plastic A-Frame 6th Apr 2016

Woodberry bring on board a smaller 6-seater version of our Greendine Recycled Plastic A-Frame. Carrying all the qualities of our Greendine Range, but cheaper than the original 8-seater, bringing it within reach of those with tighter budgets. For further details see the product HERE. Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

New 2016 Brochure 4th Mar 2016

Our new 50-page 2016 brochure is now available on request, containing new product ranges and ideas. Request your free copy HERE. Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

New Online Gallery: A collection of beautiful on-site photos 2nd Oct 2015

This new addition to our website gives our customers the opportunity to see a whole range of our products in their true surroundings. View our Online Gallery HERE. The Marketing Team, Woodberry

New Rattan Products: Luxury Rattan Armchair & Rattan Sofa Suite 16th June 2015

Added to compliment our prestigious quality rattan range, these 2 product lines are full commercial quality and available in the same style and colour rattan as our Urbane Range. View all of our Rattan furniture HERE. Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

New Brochure: Street Furniture Portfolio 25th Feb 2015

Woodberry launch their Street Furniture Portfolio, a 20-page brochure full of images, dedicated to our Street Furniture range. This is designed to make it easier for our public sector customers and school / college / university customers to identify the most appropriate products for them. All Street products are shown under the STREET tab. Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

New Product: Chunky Round "Turret" Table 9th Feb 2015

This chunky 1.2m round table is great! Similar in style to our Castle Range, it's really hard-wearing and versatile too. Goes with our Castle Stools or Teak Stacker chairs. For further details see the product HERE. Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

Another New Product: Bistro Set 2nd April 2014

This little 2 seater Bistro Set is a winner - foldable for easy storage, and made of galvanised wrought iron and teak they look great! For further details see the product HERE. Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry

NEW PRODUCT: New Barrel Poseur Table 11th Feb 2014

Another great new product, this time with fantastic opportunity to promote brands. The sides and the top can be printed with a logo. For further details see the product under Tables > Barrels. R&D Team, Woodberry

Woodberry launches new website 5th Feb 2014

This is a fantastic new launch for Woodberry and we hope you will enjoy your time browsing it! With so many new products coming into our range, this is the perfect place to showcase them. Any question please ask - we look foward to hearing from you! Doug Barr, Sales Manager, Woodberry